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a community where teachers empower parents to teach social emotional learning at home

We are Alli and Danielle, both elementary school teachers and mamas of curly haired toddlers. Together, we’ve had over 20 years of classroom experience, working closely with families at the start of their elementary school journey.

We believe Social Emotional Learning is an essential life skill. SEL helps kids navigate through their relationships and feelings in a productive way. Whether SEL is supported in your school, or this is your first time hearing the term, this is a place for you.

Our Promises

  • We will unpack the importance of Social Emotional Learning, all while making it easy and accessible to parents
  • We offer tips and tricks from the classroom and easy ways to implement them at home
  • This is a space for everyone – we believe ALL children have the right to learn and feel empowered in their feelings in and out of the classroom
  • This space is where we want to offer help, share our thinking, strategies, and failures, because if you can’t make a mistake, you can’t make anything!
  • We promise to grow along with you

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